Open Letter From Ivy Reeves: Excuse Me? What Just Happened?

The City of Yonkers will see some changes based on the recent election, and based on some poor decisions made by our Democratic leaders, mostly due to personal vendettas, revenge, jealousy and lack of vision. Are some of our leaders so dysfunctio

Ivy Reeves

Ivy Reeves

nal, immature and emotionally unbalanced that they cannot put themselves aside for the good of the people in the City of Yonkers, and by refusing to move their personal feelings from the equation, should we trust them as leaders?

We all know some of our elected officials do a very good job; we know who they are, and they are not the officials I am referring to in this commentary. It all started in the days before the democratic convention in May 2013, when the Yonkers Democratic chairperson and members of the Executive Committee did not bother to interview any of the interested candidates for City Council. No effort was made by the chairperson or the committee to find out about the character, community service experience or educational background of any of the candidates for council and council president.

The lack of interest by the Democratic chairman, the executive board and the county Democratic elections commissioner in any of the council candidates resulted in the district leaders and ward leaders not having the opportunity to hear from any of the council president candidates during the convention. Democratic candidates were left to find their own way, and district leaders left the convention confused as to whether they could assist candidates with getting signatures. Two of the candidates, including the incumbent for the second City Council seat, Wilson Terrero, and County Legislator Virgina Perez for the 17 District, were clearly being punished by the party for voting with the Republican Party on certain issues.

Lacking vision, passion or concern for the citizens of this wonderful city, we wonder: What did our Democratic leaders get from their lackadaisical and cavalier attitude? Why would they intentionally hand over the Democratic majority to the Republicans and toss the needs and concerns of the majority of the residents down the drain? Why would they not want someone who would strongly advocate for our children in the public schools, working families striving to make ends meet, seniors, veterans and people with mental and other disabilities, on the City Council? Why didn’t our so-called leaders make a decision and endorse a candidate for council president based on the candidate’s well rounded experience?

Could it be that they are more concerned about what’s in it for themselves? What have they, themselves, fought for before or after becoming an elected official? How did they help to make the lives of the people in the community a better place to live? I mean, after all, the entire clan of the Democratic Party dynasty has been in a leadership position for several years. Now look around and tell me what you see. How many of them are willing to give it all they have to protect the human and civil rights of the citizen of Yonkers? Our children, who are our future, are being left with a mess! This is not fair to them. How do some of these people sleep at night? My family used to say, “Everything done in the dark will soon come to light.”

18 Year Old Brandon Neider to Challenge Shepard for 4rth District

By Ben Cohn

Neider picture

Westchester Community College student Brandon Neider has announced his candidacy for the 4th District City Council position. Neider, 18, was born and raised in the 4th district and attended Lincoln High School.

Neider was the leader of his junior ROTC unit at Lincoln and says, “If I could be trusted at 15 to manage the 25,000 dollar ROTC budget, I think I am qualified to be in office.”Neider feels that the incumbent, Republican Dennis Shepherd, has been “absent from the community” during his term in office and has not “truly represented” the people of the 4th District.

Neider says, “I attend many events throughout my community, and I almost never see Shepard there.   If I am to become a City Councilman, I will spend most of my time on the street to really solve problems.  There is no way he [Shepard] can be representing his constituents without being there.”Neider asserts that unlike Shepard he has been very active in 4rth District community.

If he is elected, Neider wishes to address what he describes as flagrant water bill overcharging, a problem throughout Yonkers, and the Vandenberg tunnel, which he says has caused many accidents through a planning mishap associated with the beleaguered Cross County traffic area.

While the 4th District is relatively affluent, Neider says there is still room for improvement in the local schools, which work hard to fund themselves, but still need money for basic things like textbooks and building repairs.

Neider faces an uphill battle against a settled opponent who has already established connections within the Yonkers political machine, and who is known for his aggressive campaign tactics.

Neider said: “Shepard’s recent vote against the redistricting proposal shows just how out of touch he is with the community he represents; there are few in the 4th District who were opposed to it; it’s like he’s voting against his own constituency.”

Neider is self financing his campaign but is also attempting to raise money through donations. He will be having his first quasi-fundraiser June 5th at 840 McLean Avenue from 6 to 10 pm.

Editors Note:

In order to be on the ballot in November, Neider must secure one of the party lines-Democrat, Republican, Independence, Working Families, Conservative, or he will have to go out and collect 1,500 signatures and, in essence, create his own party line to run on. Councilman Dennis Shepherd was recently endorsed by the Yonkers Republican